Long time...

hi there,

sorry, i haven't being posting things for a long long long time.
I was busy with the other website that my friend Farid made for the school in Berlin.
May be you checked it out (www.tango-berlin.com).

I promise i will try this time, to keep my blog more up to date.
For you to know, i've been teaching in Tokyo for 3 times already, and in the coming January
i will be there again for two weeks.
Also, i had the great pleasure to teach some privates in Hong Kong, city that i haven't visited
for about 10 years... so nice to see old friends (which never aged by the way...).

I'm now in Berlin, looking forward to enjoy Christmas and the upcoming Berlin new year tango marathon organized by Claudia, Sven and Gastón, with guest teachers Gaston Torelli & Noelia Hurtado.

After these celebrations, i will be visiting Japan as i said above for two weeks, then Basel together with Claudia Rogowski, and then BA between the 29th of January and the 5th of March.

With Claudia, i'm currently planning how to reorganize the school. The last couple of months it didn't go so well, i guess because the high offer of Milongas for a very low price, plus, it is always difficult in this time of the year.

Almost forgot two more things, i'm teaching for the third time in Milonga Popular. This last time from this serie, will take place next Monday. If you wanna join the class, look up for Milonga Popular on Facebook, to get to know the details better.

The other thing, i got a beard... yes... you will see...

Wish you  all great Christmas and New Years Eve,
and wish also to see you around in 2016.
As i promised, i will try to keep this blog more up to date.

Abrazos from Berlin,


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